INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITY: Long-term outcomes of psychotic disorders in rural and urban populations

We are looking for 10-12 people with relevant experience and interest on the topic to join an initial meeting to discuss the project. We are planning to set up two Lived Experience Advisory Group meetings, one in Cambridge and one in Peterborough. This opportunity might be of interest to people with lived experience of psychosis and/or use of early intervention services as a service user or carer. We would welcome expressions of interest from people with diverse experiences and backgrounds including experience of living in urban/rural areas of Cambridgeshire and people with an interest in data research. Feedback may also be provided via e-mail.

Members will receive £10 per hour for attending the meetings. Travel expenses will be paid at 56 p per mile or public transport rates. All claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts. Please note, this income may have implications for those claiming benefits. All income must be declared to the Inland Revenue.

If you need further information about this opportunity or you are interested in getting involved please do not hesitate to contact Iliana at :

Download the posters here and here.

Oduola- Lay summary- SUCRG page 1 Oduola- Lay summary- SUCRG page 2 Oduola- SUCRG- Involvement Activity Request Form page 1 Oduola- SUCRG- Involvement Activity Request Form page 2

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