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Faith who has been a mental health service user in Cambridgeshire very kindly shared this lovely poetic piece of work with us to share with you. It is really gives you something to think about. The words are Faith’s own words and are unedited by The SUN Network.

We love to share people’s writing, photo’s, blogs, poems, so please do feel free to send in any thoughts you have. www.enquiries@sunnetwork.org.uk

Here is a pair of photos I took the other day of a flower, a yellow iris.

This is the exact same flower, seen from very different angles.
It can look as if it is in a soft, natural habitat, or completely surrounded by hard, manmade things.
What a lot depends on context, or how you look at things.

“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Hamlet

No wonder life is so confusing.
No wonder when people say, “How are you?” I sometimes have to think for a while. I have to work out what angle they are looking at me from and answer in a way that makes sense given what they can see.
If we are all in the same nice meadow, the meadow of good mental health, mentalisation is not that difficult.
But if some of us have accidentally come up under the boardwalk, we may need to be very careful about our next moves, or risk being squashed under so-called eco-friendly bicycle tyres.
“How are you?” is a basic sonar-ping for social echo-location. Reflect it back wrong, if you’re in an ambiguous place, and your paranoia becomes other people’s fearful prejudice, for example, and they will stamp you out of their social circle like a weed.
What am I?
Where am I?
Where does what I am belong?
Now, if they gave us a bit more time and started helping us tackle some of these questions in Fulbourn, I wouldn’t have had to go back there so often, in a tangled mess of smashed petals and pain.
Happily, I have now found my meadow, my ‘tribe’, and am thriving in an environment where I can be who I truly am, with other flowers and plants as unique and beautiful as myself.
I wish the same for you – it is unbelievably frightening to feel vulnerable in a harsh, unforgiving environment, but keep searching and you will find the meadow, wetland or forest where you are welcome and can belong.
Peace of mind can be yours.


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