Anne’s Week!

Hello and welcome to my April blog. For me, things definitely seem to feel like they are moving forward, and change is happening. But for some, coming out of lockdown and feeling their way out into the world as it is today can feel challenging and scary. The challenges of Coronavirus are still around us and we all still need to be cautious and careful. Navigating our place and how we fit into it all can take time. Know you are not alone. Many are feeling this way, but you can reach out for help and support. You can check out websites like Keep Your Head, CPSL Mind and How Are you Peterborough / Cambridgeshire for support and activities.

Last week I participated in Making Every Contact Count training. This was a great opportunity to explore how I communicate with my colleagues and those I talk to with lived experience. It has enabled me to reflect on my practice and refine my skills. I have also taken over the evaluation of the Primary Care Mental Health Service from Charlotte and I am enjoying talking to individuals who are trying to access support and help with their mental health.

This week I have the Adult Social Care Forum meeting. This is a meeting that happens every couple of months. It is an opportunity for different reps throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to come together and share experiences, update the group with projects and feedback. As a group we work together to devise actions to support change. Our current focus’ are digital inclusion/exclusion, transitions, and Co-production. Would you be interested in coming along as someone with lived experience to participate in the meeting and help guide change? If so, then please get in touch

I have been enjoying the tentative steps we have been given with the changes to our freedoms. Having to be outside to socialise and the good weather we have been having, has helped my mental health and my outlook feels much better and brighter. Maybe there is something in the links above that will entice you. Good luck and stay safe and well.

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