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Hi everyone and welcome to another blog from me. It seems like a while since I last gave you all an update on what’s been going on.

I have just started on a new project with a great team co-producing the content for some training on how to deliver and participate in co-production. The idea for the training came from the development of our Co-Production and Involvement Best Practice Guidance. The co-production team who developed the best practice guidance thought some training to support guidance was essential. The training will guide individuals on how to participate and deliver co-production. Ensuring co-production can be delivered confidently, embedded into service delivery, and ensuring those with Lived Experience have the confidence to participate. It is a project we are very excited about, so look out for our training if you think it could be something that you would benefit from.

This week is Carer’s week. Many people don’t identify themselves as a carer as they just consider what they do as part of their role of supporting a loved one. I am a carer and even I, working in the line of work I do, find it hard to give myself that title. But identifying yourself as a carer can help to make sure your needs are looked after and that you get the support and the breaks you deserve. It is not an easy job. More often than not it is unpaid and done out of love and care for those close to us. It can be incredibly challenging and frustrating at times, hard work, and time consuming but still we wouldn’t give up supporting those that need our help. There is no need to be alone. There is lots of support out there for you. You can get in touch with Making Space or Rethink who deliver carers’ support for those who care for someone with mental ill health. There is also Caring together who offer support to all carers. Take a look at this years carers week campaign, join their campaign to ensure carers are recognised and celebrated.

Today I have been in the office and was starting to feel sluggish and unmotivated, so Charlotte and I went for a walk in the sun. It certainly helped to get moving and be outside. It can become easier to stay put and not move, it is what we have done a lot of over the past year but sometimes just making that extra little bit of effort can make a difference.

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