BBC Radio 4 Series Opportunity

Opportunity to be involved in a BBC Radio 4 Series.

Novel, one of the UK’s leading audio production companies who has been making documentaries and series for the BBC for many years, are working on a new radio series for BBC Radio 4 called The Poetry Pharmacy which explores poetry and wellbeing, and are looking for guests.

They’re looking for members of the public with a range of life experiences who’d be willing to discuss a bit about their lives, and then listen to and chat about a poem that’s specially chosen to try and help them with whatever they’re going through.

Their presenter William Seighart (a philanthropist and leading poetry expert) has been running these Poetry Pharmacy sessions for many years, they only take 15 mins, but they tend to be very moving and the guests always really enjoy them. The aim is never to try and ‘fix’ anyone’s situation, but rather to share empathy and connection through poetry.

They wanted to reach out, as they’d like to open this opportunity up to guests with a broad range of life experiences, including people who may have been affected by issues around mental health. It’s their hope that hearing people’s stories will also be helpful for listeners who may have had similar experiences.

Anyone who thinks they like the sound of it is very welcome to get in touch with Caroline Thornham ( who can give you some more information.

If for any reason the guests would rather remain anonymous their names could be changed.

The recording would take place in mid-November in London, they would cover all travel expenses. They wouldn’t need to keep anyone for longer than 30 mins in total.

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