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Hello. I hope you are keeping well.

It feels like yesterday when I did my last blog, but it was in fact just over a month ago so let me catch you up with what I have been doing.

I have started to pull together the feedback we gained from individuals, about their experience with the Primary Care Mental Health service and put it into our quarterly report. It is interesting to have the feedback coming together. To see if there are any patterns or trends in the feedback we are hearing and look at any recommendations we can make based on your feedback. You can still share your feedback with us and have your voice heard. Click this link to register your interest.

Let me tell you about our new link to make it easier for you to register your interest in our involvement opportunities. We have created a new survey link, where you can see all of our involvement opportunities. Simply click the link here. select the opportunities you are interested in or would like to have more information on. Enter your details and we will then contact you and go from there. We will update this survey link regularly so the opportunities for involvement listed are up to date and current.

We find ourselves in another lockdown, but not to worry. Many services have updated the support they offer to make it accessible during this time. We have created a live poster that is full of links and contacts for support, which we regularly check and update. 

I found it can be hard to look after my wellbeing during the lockdown periods. I go quite some time without recognising this struggle and that can be difficult to deal with. A few things that help me:Xmas cards

  • I have started crafting. I have found so much joy in doing this. Whether its squeezing in 10 minutes after a busy day of work and studying, or a few hours of a weekend after getting my assignments done, it’s so lovely to let my creative juices flow and make something lovely. It also gives me something to look forward to and keeps me motivated. Here is a picture of some of the cards I have been making.
  • Going for regular walks. The weather may not always be wonderful but embrace it. Stick on your wellies, put your coat on and just go for a wander. I like being mindful and observing while on my walks, watching tree’s sway, listening to the birds singing, or feeling the rain dropping. It’s nice to get home after and cosy up with a cup of tea and a winter film.
  • Stay connected. One way or another I like to stay connected with my loved ones. I do this by scheduling Face Time chats, going on social distance walks – if it is safe and the rules allow, sending cards/letters or whatever it may be to have that interaction in my life.Woods
  • Be kind to yourself first. I try to tell myself something nice every day before I do anything else. ‘I matter’, ‘Its ok to not be ok’, ‘I deserve happiness’ are a few examples. Small gentle reminders to myself keep me mindful and well.

Soon it will be Christmas and then 2020 will be over. I have seen this quote bouncing around lately and I think it is a nice way to end this blog: ‘This may not be the year to get everything you want. This is the year you appreciate what you have’. – Unknown.

Stay safe

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