Understanding the impact of Expert by Experience involvement in CPFT research

Understanding the impact of Expert by Experience involvement in CPFT research


Involvement of Experts by Experience in research has been a key priority for the Trust since 2005. Our work has been focusing on creating a culture in which researchers, experts by experience and clinicians are working together to develop research that is relevant to people’s needs. Throughout the years the PPI programme has expanded. There is an established network of Experts by Experience, members of which have made a valuable contribution at different stages of mental health or dementia research and there is dedicated support and training.

There is growing evidence that meaningful Patient and Public Involvement (or PPI as it is called) can benefit research and everyone involved. Our experience echoes these findings, however information about the impact of involvement in CPFT research has not been captured in a systematic way and a lot more can be done to understand and promote effective practice and challenges.

The aim of this project is to work in partnership with Experts by Experience and PPI leads/researchers to develop a process to:

1.       monitor and understand research involvement practices at CPFT and their impact

2.       assess the experience of Experts by Experience and researchers

3.       understand factors that influence positive outcomes and meaningful involvement (for example characteristics of research context and partnership support)

We hope that the information we collect will improve and strengthen our approach to involvement in research and contribute to current evidence.

Members of the Impact Lived Experience Advisory Group will work with CPFT R&D to:

– develop, deliver and review a programme of activities that could help us understand the impact of involvement activity in research

– identify ways we can improve practice based on information that we collect

– develop and review communication material, progress reports and other publications

Team: Iliana Rokkou (User and Carer R&D Manager) is the key contact in this project. She will work in collaboration with the Impact LEAG to deliver the project’s objectives.

Involvement: We are looking for 8-10 people who have relevant experience and interest on the topic to join the Lived Experience Advisory Group.

Time commitment: We expect that 3-4 meetings will take place in Cambridge during 2019 and 2020. Some work will be done via e-mail. The first meeting will start with a brief presentation about the project and discussion about the role of the LEAG.

Payment: Members will receive £10 per hour for attending the meetings. Travel expenses will be paid at 56 p per mile or public transport rates. All claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts. Please note, this income may have implications for those claiming benefits. All income must be declared to the Inland Revenue.

Contact: If you are interested in this project, please send your expression of interest to Iliana Rokkou (iliana.rokkou@cpft.nhs.uk). Please indicate your availability for the first meeting by completing this doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/muvc7nw7r7c7d5ym

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