CPFT Online Survey – How the pandemic is affecting your mental health and wellbeing.

All CPFT staff, volunteers, members and friends and family over 16, are invited to take part in this online survey to share how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your mental health and wellbeing – before it closes next week on Thursday 30 September 2021. Read more about this study in CPFT Research news.

You do not have to answer all the questions and can leave the study at any time. Please say that you heard about the survey from CPFT to help the researchers. CPFT is working with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust to run this global survey to understand the mental health impact of the pandemic and changing restrictions, compared across different countries.

The research will provide a wider view of the impact of the pandemic and changing restrictions on people, to help improve the response to future crises and develop more personalised psychological support.
For more information and any questions about the survey, contact the Windsor Research Unit team on 01223 219531 or email wru@cpft.nhs.uk.

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