CPFT service evaluation on the benefits and disadvantages of remote working

An invitation to people who have used CPFT services since the lockdown

What is the project about?

The Covid pandemic has required a rapid, unprecedented shift to new ways of working across many community trusts. Within Cambridge & Peterborough, this involved the introduction of digital and remote working within a short period of 4 weeks.

Digital and remote working have been policy priorities since the publication of NHS England’s Future in Mind, and the approach was reinforced in the Long Term Plan, although no date of adoption has been set for mental health services. It is likely that many practices adopted during the Covid pandemic, in particular remote working and digital services, may remain a permanent aspect of service provision of the future. It is therefore critical that the implementation and impact of these approaches are thoroughly evaluated in order to inform post COVID service strategies.

This service evaluation therefore aims to:
(1) explore the experience of digital and remote working on CPFT service users, carers and staff,
(2) Identify particular people or situations where remote working is less suitable or impractical,
(3) Identify the barriers and facilitators of digital and remote working

What will your role be?
For this project, the research team is interested in working with anyone who has used or is using CPFT services, particularly if they are using services remotely, throughout the project. This can help us make sure that the evaluation covers issues that are important to people using our services. Some examples of things you could help with are:
• help us stay mindful of issues that are important to people who have used our services and their families while developing this evaluation
• identify issues and questions that should be included in the survey or online discussions
• ensure that the questions that we ask patients or carers are relevant and the questionnaires are appropriate
• identify ways we could approach people who have used CPFT services
• ensure that the lay summary and other public material is worded in a language that is clear and accessible
• come up with ways to involve people with lived experience throughout the study

What will be the expected time commitment?
At this stage the team is looking for 2-3 hours input on one or two occasions to review lay summary and discuss the evaluation. Feedback could be provided via email, on-line virtual group discussion or individual virtual or phone conversations. Further involvement will be explored and discussed.

Will I get paid?
Payment for this work will be offered at £10 an hour for meeting time and review of documents in between meetings. Please check that receiving this payment will not affect any benefit conditions you may have. If you are unsure of this, please obtain specialist information and welfare rights advice before taking on this role.

Where do we go from here?
If you feel this project may be of interest or have any questions, please contact Iliana Rokkou (Iliana.rokkou@cpft.nhs.uk.) We will be happy to provide further information and support during your involvement and make sure you are happy with your role.
Deadline for expressions of interest: 15th June 2020

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