Don’t Tone Alone Carers Courses

As part of DTA’s commitment to unpaid carers and the carers centres that support them, we are delighted to provide another free online exercise class entitled Toning Through Tension. The class is specifically for low-impact exercise and perfect for people with joint pain. Our level 4 instructors will be leading this class and the link is as follows:

In addition, International Women’s Day is on the 8th March 2021, and DTA will be putting on a two special events: 

(1) The first event is a special interactive class at 10am. It will be led by one of our female instructors and involve messages of motivation and empowerment. The registration link is as follows:


(2) Later in the day, DTA will also be hosting a women-only, discussion and Q&A panel session with two of our female board members (who have been carers and are leaders in the charitable sector), our female staff (strong and motivated professionals), and unpaid carers (superwomen). The session’s topic will be Women’s Wellness and the Impact on COVID-19. The session will last an hour, take place over ZOOM and start at 12.30pm. The link below is for the panel: 


In addition to all of this, we will continue to run our subsidised online exercise classes will have more events and activities for carers in the coming weeks. 

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