Excessive Sleepiness in Psychosis

Summary: Excessive sleepiness and oversleeping are common clinical issues in patients with psychosis and are commonly ascribed to the effects of sedating antipsychotic medications. However, recent research suggests that factors such as mood, activity, and other sleep disorders may contribute to sleepiness more than medication effects. Furthermore, the impacts of excessive sleepiness and oversleeping on patients, and the patient experience of these symptoms, has been under-investigated to date. The proposed study would aim to invite a wide range of patients (any aged 18+ with a non-affective psychotic disorder) to complete an online survey to help understand more about the prevalence, predictors, and impacts of sleepiness. Patients reporting excessive sleepiness and/or oversleeping in the online survey would then be invited to take part in a subsequent qualitative interview to further understand their experiences and how sleepiness interacts with their lives.

Research Team: Dr Sarah Reeve (Research Lecturer, UEA & Clinical Psychologist, CPFT), Kate Robbins & Ioana-Mihaela Marinescu (Trainee Clinical Psychologists, CPFT/UEA). The study will be the basis of Ioana and Kate’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology theses.

Involvement: We are seeking people with lived experience of psychosis (including family members and/or carers) to be involved in the above study. A virtual meeting will take place on 27th or 28th June to discuss with the research team the study aims, objectives and methodology. Draft study materials (such as the protocol, information sheets for participants, consent forms, questionnaires and interview questions) will be sent early July to the group for comments. Feedback can be provided via email or via virtual meeting/tel. A virtual meeting will take place on 11th or 12th July to discuss comments and changes to study’s materials. Members of the group will be invited to also be involved in the interpretation of the findings and to comment on the reports/articles that will be prepared.

Time commitment: up to 6-7 hrs until end of July.

Payment: Members will receive £15 per hour for their time and contribution. Please note, this income may have implications for those claiming benefits. All income must be declared to the Inland Revenue.

For more information and to register your interest please contact Iliana Rokkou at iliana.rokkou@cpft.nhs.uk

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