Free Training Opportunity for Service Users

CPFT have notified us of a fantastic opportunity for training for service users, who wish to expand their skills in leading change. Information about the training course is below, including who to contact to book a place, the dates and locations. We are sure it will be very popular and advise booking on to the course as soon as possible.

This programme is free and travel expenses for attendees can be reclaimed. This Jump-start specification will be for two additional cohorts in April 2019 and June 2019.

Learning Outcomes:

The programme seeks to support patient and citizen leaders to:

• Update existing and develop new skills to engage with health professionals at the top two levels of the Participation Ladder.

• Ensure individuals can influence decisions on service change, initially in the Strategy Transformation Plan (STP)  and with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), but wider in the long term.

Delegates will be supported to understand:

• Context – input on their local healthcare system and their expected role

• The opportunity for them to clarify and define what it means to be in their role

• Benchmark their strengths and development areas

• An introduction to the core skills and practices of a leader of change

• The chance to practice these skills in the afternoon of each day and to model and pay attention to what it means to be a ‘reflective practitioner’ and leader of change

• To identify barriers to being successful in their role both individually and as a collective and a strategy and plan of action to manage these barriers going forward.

Please contact Trevor directly ( to reserve your place. There are three cohorts, two of which are in Cambridge.

March – 13/3, 14/3, 15/3 & 1/5 – Copley Hill Business Park, Cambridge Road, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3GN

April –  9/4, 10/4, 11/4  & 12/6 – Copley Hill Business Park, Cambridge Road, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3GN

June – 18/6,19/6, 20/6 & 21/8 – Mercure Hotel, 121-131 Boundary Road, Norwich, NR3 2BA

Click here for more info.

If anybody would like to discuss this, then please get in touch with me,  Travel expenses will be paid by the course organisers and the courses are free.

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