Hannah Feeling Pain After Cocaine

Hannah’s story sounded familiar insomuch as here was a young person grappling with teenage challenges such as wanting to fit in, figuring out who they are, peer pressure, and struggling with parents–all at the same time.


But Hannah’s way of coping with all these things involved cocaine.  Hear her story in her own words but please be warned that she talks openly and vulnerably about suicide, which is part of her story as well.

Hannah’s own experience runs the gamut from dark times at the start of her addiction through to celebrating being clean and sober, how that looks, and how it feels for her–not just in the easy times.

Anyone can watch Hannah share her experience of CGL here.  She says, “Some of the things they teach you are incredible.” and “You learn things about yourself that allows you to love yourself again.”

Hannah didn’t get out of her addiction on her own.  She learned decided to ask for help.

If you live in Cambridgeshire, ring CGL for free help for yourself or a family member on 0300 555 0101 or email cambridgeshirereferrals@cgl.org.uk, as listed on their website and in Peterborough ring Aspire Recovery Service (CGL) on 01733 895624.

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