Hope: 3rd Day of Christmas

On th3rd day of christmase Third day of Christmas, I choose to give myself… hope This is a tough one when we are struggling.  On a good day I can see hope everywhere and I can be optimistic about all sorts of things.  On a tougher day, even the things that are brilliant can seem tainted and grey.

So how can we find hope?  One place to start is by looking back at what’s worked for you in the past.  Do you get inspired by talking to one or two great friends who make you laugh or do you watch a favourite program?  Do you read something that makes you feel better, or maybe it works best for you to write down on paper your own thoughts, feelings, hopes or frustrations?

Some people find hope in the inspiring lives of people who have made the world a better place through their lives.  You might get inspired by a story of someone overcoming adversity.  Or maybe hearing someone who realised their dreams encourages and buoys your spirits.

Creativity is a great way of unlocking hope, and I don’t mean just the few who can draw or paint well.  If you play a musical instrument, if you make things with your hands, solve problems, organise or can find any way to make a little mark–that’s being creative!

A large portion of the world’s population finds some kind of spirituality to be meaningful to communities and individuals.  There is more to spirituality than following rules and there is more to religion than being a good person.  Some even believe that spirituality is connected to the cause and solution the mental health we seek, including, but not limited to addiction:

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