Illuminate Charity Workshops

Illuminate works with people who are experiencing mental ill health and not in work. Our work is suitable for people who are not in crisis and are ready to make change.

We are pleased to announce two new workshops. These are free to attend provided you meet our criteria of not been in work or working limited hours.

Both workshops are run over 2 weeks, in two parts, and you must be able to commit to both parts.

1)      Get Going with Kindness Workshop


Part 1 Monday 29th June 10 to 12 and Part 2 Monday 13th July 12.30 to 1.30


Stress is often talked about in terms of the need to bring our stress levels down.   However, having an absence of challenge in our life can be just as detrimental to our mental fitness than having too much stress.


You will uncover what you can do to better manage your stress and tips and ideas on how to get going each day whilst being kind to yourself.


2)     Creating impact through your strengths Workshop

Part 1 Monday 13th July 10 to 12 and Part 2 27th July 12.30 to 1.30

Society is quick to diagnose what is wrong with us, but what would happen if we focused on developing our strengths and the strengths of those around us? This interactive online session unpacks the science of character and its importance during uncertain times.

You will explore the impact you can have by developing your strengths.


Each workshop will:

  • Include Part 1: Last for two hours with a 10-minute break
  • Include Part 2: A follow up session 2 weeks later
  • Be delivered online over Zoom (we will send you instructions)


Both workshops will be delivered by Vikki Pratley, a friend of Illuminate for us. Vikki suffered from burnout in 2017, which was caused from too much stress for too long. She was signed off work for months and was advised to ‘rest’. Day after day and week after week of being alone in her home watching box sets and films, left her with no desire or motivation to do anything. The isolation and lack of stimulation was as detrimental to her mental fitness as the chronic workplace stress she’d experienced. We are pleased to have Vikki join us to run these and further sessions over the coming months.


To apply please complete your application at


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