Illuminate Free Courses 2020

We have a range of free online courses to help adults who are not in work, learn the skills to develop their self confidence. Anyone who wishes to apply for the sessions can also do so via this link, where there is in an online application to complete.

We currently have places on

  • Strengths        Part 1 16th November, Part 2 30th November

Intro to identifying your strengths. 2 sessions starting 16 Nov plus follow-up on 30 Nov for an hour at 12.30

  • Better Conversations, Better Relationships 25th November

How to develop your listening skills for better conversations

  • Get Going        Part 1 30th November, Part 2 14th December

Learn to set goals you’ll want to achieve. 2 sessions starting 30 Nov plus follow up on 14 Dec for an hour at 12.30

Our demand is up by 70% compared with last year, so we do ask that those applying are committed and can be relied upon to attend their session(s) that they book on to.

These sessions are based on the coaching model of learning and taking action, not counselling or therapeutic techniques. Anyone who is in crisis and does not have the headspace to invest in themselves are not suitable for our work at that time, until their situation has settled.

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