Introduction to Addiction & Recovery workshop by SUN Network

Introduction to Addiction & Recovery Topics

  • overcoming stigma with what addiction really is, and what addiction is not
  • bringing empathy helping understand how addiction really feels
  • psychological and emotional perspectives on addiction and recovery
  • understanding incentive, reward, tolerance and withdrawal
  • simply explained brain science of addiction with neuro receptors, dopamine and specific brain function hijacked by addiction
  • healthy early human brain development and how trauma sets the scene for addiction
  • recovery, tools, free resources and support in addiction recovery
  • real life stories of addiction, recovery and hope

i.e. connecting to overcome isolation and recovery tools used in real life:

  • gratitude tennis & journaling emotions
  • distracting and other techniques to deal with urges
  • helping other helps your own confidence and esteem
  • mindfulness self-care for growing self worth
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for recovery
  • goal setting, practicing unconditional positive regard
  • mutual support, self help, therapy

Appropriate insight aiding referrals to recovery options available in Cambridge and internationally:

Twelve Step (volunteer led, free participation, debunking the ‘spiritual’ myth with honest report of strengths and weaknesses)

SMART Recovery (free, fledgling, self help, non-spiritual and psychology based)

plus other unstructured groups

Quotes from attendees at KC’s training:

“I thought the talk was very well structured and found it very interesting. Everything which was said was relevant and helped with my understanding.”

“It could have been a bit longer to have more time to hear what KC had to say as he was very knowledgeable.”

“I gained insight into deeper factors of addiction and how different individuals cope with traumatic events”

“I could listen to KC teach all day long!”

I think it was really good to hear more about addiction and how people become addicted. I did not really have much knowledge about addiction and how people get affected by this.  It was really useful to have a more in-depth understanding of the actual neurological reasons that people become addicted and on reflection this was a very important part of my personal life.”

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