Introduction to Addiction & Recovery workshop by SUN Network

Introduction to Addiction & Recovery Topics

  • outward signs of addiction
  • psychological and emotional
  • causes & biology
  • real life addiction stories of trauma and hope
  • brain science of incentive, reward, tolerance and withdrawal
  • early human brain development and trauma
  • recovery, tools, free resources and support

Additional Workshop topics (optional):

methods to use from various recovery support models (all within safe and confidential peer led groups with anonymity for all individuals)

i.e. connecting to overcome isolation

  • gratitude tennis
  • distracting
  • service
  • practicing humility
  • mindfulness self-care for growing self esteem
  • CBT
  • goal setting
  • mutual support

Detailed information about recovery groups available in Cambridge and internationally:

Twelve Step (volunteer ran, free participation, debunking the ‘spiritual’ myth with honest appraisal)

SMART Recovery (free, fledgling, self help and psychology based)

plus other unstructured groups


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