Join the Local Organising Committee of “Towards a perfect vision for public mental health” Congress

We’re looking for someone with lived experience of mental health difficulties to join our Local Organising Committee.

In September 2020, we will run a congress ( in Cambridge. The congress will be a meeting for people interested in looking at mental health at a population level (for example, studying the mental health of all people in a country).

For the congress, we want to involve people with lived experience of mental health difficulties. This can help us make sure that the congress covers the right topics. It can also help us to get a conversation going between researchers and members of the public. Working together can make mental health research better.

The Committee has 6 people on it. It is in charge of planning the congress. We are also working with a Professional Conference Organiser, Suzy Howes, who will run the conference for us.  Some examples of things you could help with are:

  • planning events (for example, social events)
  • making key decisions (for example, about advertising)
  • getting people to come to the congress (participation)
  • coming up with ways to involve people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties and carers

We can talk about what parts of the congress you want to work on and how much time you can spend on it. As part of your role, you would meet with us once a month in-person or online until August 2020. You can also come to the congress itself (for free), but you do not have to. We will pay you £30 for each meeting you attend (up to a one-hour meeting, plus up to two hours of preparation time) and will pay for travel costs.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or voucher. Please check that receiving this payment will not affect any benefit conditions you may have. If you are unsure of this, please obtain specialist information and welfare rights advice before taking on this role.

You do not need any past experience in science or organising meetings. What is most important is that you are happy to share your opinions based on your own lived experience.

We will select someone to join the committee on a first come, first served basis. If you think you might want to be on the Committee or have questions, you can talk to Emma Soneson or James Kirkbride. Emma and James are both members of the Committee. They will be there to support you during your time on the committee and make sure you are happy with your role.

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