KCs Blog December 2021

I hope you are well.  I don’t like resolutions, especially at the end or beginning of the year.  But I don’t mind looking back and taking stock.  This year I’ve met amazing people in addiction, amazing people in recovery, and some inspiring people who work in the world of wellbeing.

One impressive individual designed this poster for the Christmas Fayre hosted by ChangeGrowLive in Wisbech:

This is an example of how creativity is far more than drawing or painting.  I think we are all creative, maybe with words, music, or using technology or math.  Expressing ourselves and creating is good for our wellbeing.  My last example of doing something creative was how I wrapped a box to put a few gifts in it.   No one (not even me) expected this to turn out looking like it does.  That’s the fun of creativity for me:  the unknown, figuring it out along the way, experimenting and practicing laughing if (when) it doesn’t measure up to my imagined hopes.

UPDATE:  my ‘better half’ redid my wrapping while I was out, so I guess everyone doesn’t appreciate all expressions of art.  (^;

Well, that’s it for me this time. I hope you take good care of yourself and I hope you find a reason to smile.


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