KC’s Blog: worry, is it always unhelpful & SMART Recovery

“Worry is a way for your brain to handle problems in order to keep you safe..” from this SMART Recovery article.  Have you ever given yourself time to worry?  Seemed odd and wrong the first time I heard it, but by scheduling it and putting time limits it means I don’t keep worrying and worrying all day.  If a worrisome thought pops in my mind, I can think, no, leave this as their is a time and place to give to this worry later.  That seems healthy as my perfectionist approach that ‘I must never worry, worry is unacceptable, and avoid all worry at all cost’ was too perfectionist and made things worse.

SMART Recovery has lots of articles, not just advertising their free recovery groups and resources.  This article has an interesting take on how important to addiction the actual experience given by the substance or behaviour is, and it suggests strengthening ourselves, our ‘base’ as an approach:

Overcoming an Addictive Experience: The Importance of a Secure Base

SMART Recovery meetings run online regularly (check and join here). You don’t need to join a video meeting, you can listen and contribute, by talking or typing.  But if you prefer, just listen as there’s no pressure to say anything. These and all sorts of other support regarding recovery from addictions like substance misuse (alcohol, drugs) are available for free in our county via Change Grow Live (CGL), our statutory addiction recovery service.

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