Mental Health Research Workshop


You are invited to a workshop to discuss a proposal to link Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust (CPFT) mental health records to education records from the Department for Education.

A research data team led by psychiatrist Dr Rudolf Cardinal would like to link patients’/service users’ mental health records to education data held at the Department for Education. Researchers would not learn the identity of any patient/service user and the Department for Education would not have access to any health data. NHS ethics approval would be required. Dr Cardinal is responsible for CPFT’s innovative, secure and ethically approved database of anonymised medical records (the CPFT Research Database), which would be used in this proposal. For more information about the research database, and other research at CPFT, go to .

Linking mental health records with education data can help us to understand more about mental health in younger people. Mental health problems can affect a young person’s education and problems at school can contribute to mental health difficulties. This research may allow us to determine where more resources are needed.

The team are keen to hold a workshop to discuss how this might be done, and to hear your views as patients, service users, and carers on the issues this may raise.

Want to hear the research team’s plans and have your say?

The workshop is on Thursday 3rd October 2019 between 10.30am and approximately 1pm in central Cambridge. Travel will be reimbursed, and refreshments provided.


  • Dr Rudolf Cardinal, consultant liaison psychiatrist at CPFT, will explain what CPFT is already doing to conduct research using anonymous NHS data to try and improve care, and how the linkage of CPFT records with education records would be done.
  • Dr Johnny Downs, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kings College London (KCL), will discuss the relationship between mental health and education, and related research at KCL.
  • Small and whole group discussion on the proposed linkage.
  • Refreshments provided.

If you would like to attend, please contact:

Iliana Rokkou, User and Carer R&D Manager

Research & Development, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Telephone: 01223 465 182 (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm)



We are keen to hear as many views as possible.

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