Perseverance: 11th Day of Christmas

11th day of christmasOn the 11th day of Christmas, I choose to give myself the gift of perseverance.  It’s not the sexiest sounding thing, but it makes a big difference to happiness, contentment and satisfaction–something I’m sure we’d all like for Christmas.

I was raised with a saying, ‘If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is‘.  And the idea of an easy diet where I can eat my favourite food and watch the weight fall off sounds too good to be true.  So, I can guess that and other similar fad diets and get rich quick schemes are all too good to be true.

With my health, it’s similar, there is no such thing as a magic pill to take away all my health problems.  Of course my doctor might prescribe me some antidepressants to help manage my moods while I work on sorting out the underlying problem.  But if I just take medicine and do nothing else, especially for years, eventually I will have new problems stemming from taking the prescribed drugs.  I’d be interested in whether your doctor has another view.

Wanting a magic solution is something that advertisers have known for years and they capitalise on this desire regularly.   This is a normal part of child development, as most children fantasize they can wish something into existence.  But as an adult our imagination and fantasy can confuse us if we misunderstand hoping for something when it’s time to work for it.   Magical Thinking is a term that applies to children wishing for a pony and hoping it’ll appear as well as OCD activities (i.e. thinking locking a door several times will keep me safe). For help with many mental health challenges, try the phone numbers/websites of servicies in our county listed here.

So, I need to persevere to overcome my addiction or my mental health challenges.  If you are one of the lucky ones who don’t experience mental health issues, great.  Maybe you already exercise plenty of perseverance.  I think we all can benefit from your encouragement and support to persevere.  But I will keep reminding myself that I need to persevere.   Most of the worthwhile things in life need work to either get or keep.    Has life taught you (maybe the hard way) that things don’t always go to plan?   We’d prefer life to be one amazing experience after another high, on top of another victory.  But it’s actually more like this, if we’re lucky:


If you feel you can’t carry on, please don’t give up.  There are a wealth of places where you can find people to listen.  Samaritans is a group of people who are on the other end of a free phone-call and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even during the covid-19 lockdown, CGL, Change Grow Live, offers harm minimisation to help avoid blood born viruses and stay safe.  Life saving naloxone and clean needles are available around our county, as is expertise and support amongst non-judgemental professionals.  If you live in Cambridgeshire, ring CGL for more information and help recovering from substance misuse (addiction) on 0300 555 0101 or email, as listed on their website. In Peterborough ring CGL Aspire 01733 895624.

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