Primary Care Mental Health Leaflet

The CPFT Primary Care Mental Health Service (PCMH – formerly known as PRISM) Has listened to feedback from you and designed a leaflet with input from some people with lived experience to explain:

  • What the PCMH service is
  • How to get referred to the PCMH service
  • What to expect if you have been referred
  • Who works in the PCMH service
  • Useful advice, helplines and services for while you are waiting for your appointment

This leaflet has come about as a result of The SUN Network hearing your experiences and sharing these experiences with the manager of the PCMH service.

Your experiences were telling us that you were unclear of what to expect from the PCMH service and there were several reasons why including amongst others:

  • The explanation from your GP not being clear
  • No explanation about the service being given
  • People hoping it was a counselling service
  • There not being a written leaflet explaining the service

Thanks to your feedback, the PCMH team have worked hard to devise a leaflet to resolve any confusion as to what the service is and what is can offer.

Read the leaflet here. PCMHS leaflet

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