Psychosis Immune Mechanism Stratified Medicine Trial

Title: Psychosis Immune Mechanism Stratified Medicine Trial: The PIMS Trial

Project: Psychotic disorders like schizophrenia cause suffering to millions of people and a considerable proportion of people who are treated with antipsychotic drugs do not get better. Research suggests that low-grade inflammation (over-activity of one aspect of the immune system, which can be measured by a blood test) may play a role in the development and persistence of psychotic symptoms. Inflammation may also make it difficult for patients to get better despite taking antipsychotic medication. The aim of this study is to test whether reducing inflammation with an anti-inflammatory drug called tocilizumab improves psychotic symptoms and memory function in people with psychosis. This study will give us more insight into whether inflammation plays a role in causing psychosis and whether anti-inflammatory drugs may be used for treating some patients with psychosis in the future. Participants will be reimbursed for their time and inconvenience.


Researcher: Golam Khandaker (Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge & Population Health Sciences, University of Bristol/ Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust)


Involvement: We would like to invite individuals with lived experience of psychosis to provide feedback on the study aims and objectives, the proposed study procedure (how can researchers make sessions more user friendly) and the clarity of patient information sheets, and advertisement material. The documents will include the research proposal, the study invitation letters, participant information sheets and consent forms.


Time commitment: 2-4 hrs to read the documents and provide feedback.


Payment: Members will receive £10 per hour for their time and contribution. Please note, this income may have implications for those claiming benefits. All income must be declared to the Inland Revenue.


Contact: If you are interested in this project please let Iliana know as soon as possible by emailing

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