Qi Qong sessions with Fatima Rasool – Qualified Instructor, Naturopath and Unani Tibb practitioner – *women only*

Would you like to try a gentle all-body exercise that can help relieve stress, increase alertness, improve mental focus, accelerate the body’s healing process and help to balance emotional health?

Therapeutic Qi Gong (Chi–Gong) is a form of Medical Qi Gong that was created by Chinese doctors and Professors at the University of Sports Medicine in Shanghai, China to assist healing of various ailments. Similar to Tai Chi, this therapeutic exercise is based on ancient Qi Gong and Martial Arts which focus on Qi circulation on all parts of the body in a systematic format. It is a combination of physical exercise, stretching, breathing and self-massage to help relieve illness and prevent disease. By enhancing energy and blood circulation, it accelerates the body’s healing process and longevity.

*Free course of 6 sessions | Women only | Thursdays 10.30-11.30am starting 24 Feb | East Community Centre Padholme Rd Peterborough | Taster session 10 Feb 10.30-11:30am | Registration required*


For further enquiries please email salam@thelanterninitiative.co.uk

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