Read about Charlotte’s week and find out how you can have your say

Have a read about Charlotte’s week and see the latest involvement opportunities where just by having your say, you can really influence mental health services:

Although we have a weekly blog its been a month since my last blog, so I’ll catch you all up with what I’ve been doing.

KC and I had a great day in Cambridge, we went to some meetings and discussed how we can work together so that we hear as many voices around dual diagnosis as we can. I want to be as knowledgeable as possible so that I am equipped to be able to signpost people in the most appropriate directions so working with KC on this is going to be great. Cambridge is beautiful also, so it was lovely to enjoy it.Cambridge

Our team have started a project and I’m not quite sure the status of it yet, but I think its going to be a great project that will hopefully help a lot of different people in and around employment. I love having projects to work on with the team because we really bounce off each other and hopefully can do some meaningful work.

Another journey we are starting and I have learned more about is that we will be working with those who have mental health challenges and carers of those with mental health challenges to follow their journey over the space of a year, meeting every couple of months, to see what people are experiencing and how they are coping and if the support they are accessing is enough at the right times for them and how they are at that time. I’m very excited to be on this project/journey as I think it is going to be an important and eye-opening experience that hopefully will really impact the way mental health services are in the future for the better.

I met the lovely Anouska from Richmond Fellowship the other day, although I’ve been part of the SUN Network for a few months I’m always meeting new people which is lovely. Everyone seems so passionate about what they do and are always keen for us to help where we can which is great!

I speak on behalf of all our team when I say that we are so excited for our staff away day next week. I’m looking forward to getting to know our team even more and just having a fun day with them all. I love the work we do here, and I love our work family so what’s not to be excited about?

Blog BackgroundSo, stay tuned for upcoming interesting involvement opportunities and in the meantime, make sure you take some time for yourself! Do something for yourself that makes you happy. Reflect on the positives on your day, week or month, meet up with friends, family and loved ones and have a wonderful weekend!

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