Reducing Restrictive Practice Patient/Carer Partners

Restrictive practice includes the use of physical restraint, seclusion, and rapid tranquilisation.

The Trust is committed to avoiding or minimising the need for restrictive practices in all but exceptional circumstances and only where absolutely necessary to secure the safety of patients and staff. They are seeking patients and carers with lived experience of restrictive practice, to work in partnership with staff from across the Trust. Together, they aim to establish clear Trust ambitions and move forward with continuous quality improvement in this crucial area of mental health care.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust are looking for somebody who has  lived experience of restrictive practice or cared for somebody who has had this experience. They are interested in hearing from carers and people who have used our services and have had this experience. For further information please look at this role description  Reducing Inpatient Restrictive Practice Patient Partner – role description.docx [docx] 287KB and / or contact

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