Research involvement opportunity for those with experience of hallucinations

Colleen Rollins is a PhD candidate who is interested in exploring how people experience hallucinations. Colleen is interested in working with people with lived experience of hallucinations in order to shape her research ideas and future research studies. Please let me know if this is an opportunity you might be interested in.


Summary: The purpose of this group is to explore the lived experience of hallucinations regardless of diagnosis, in order to inform future research studies on the topic.


About the researcher: Colleen Rollins is a first year PhD student in the Department of Psychiatry. She’s recently moved to Cambridge from Canada where she was studying neuroscience. Her research focusses on quantifying brain morphology and its relationship to the experience of hallucinations. More broadly, she is interested in how changes to the brain’s organisation relate to mental health.


Involvement: We are looking for six-eight people who have experienced hearing voices, visual hallucinations, or hallucinations in any other modality (ie, smell, taste, touch, musical) , or any other experience that they would qualify as a hallucination, and who would be willing to talk about their experience. The group discussion will give Colleen the opportunity to learn from experts by experience (EbE) about the experience of hallucinations or hearing voices and develop her research.


Time commitment: The group will meet once to start with. Colleen will present her research ideas and interests. Discussion will focus on thoughts and feelings about the experience(s), the content, frequency, and modality experienced in, how the voices or hallucinations impact people’s lives, how people cope with them. Plans for further meetings and ways of working together will be discussed during the initial meeting.


Date: Friday  19th January 10.30-12.30 in Cambridge (venue to be confirmed).


Payment: All members of the service user advisory group will receive £10 per hour for attending the meeting. Travel expenses will be paid at 56 p per mile or public transport rates. All claims must be accompanied by relevant receipts. Please note, this income may have implications for those claiming benefits. All income must be declared to the Inland Revenue.


Contact: If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your expression of interest to Iliana Rokkou (

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