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Have your say about the future of local mental health services

What is happening?
The current contract for mental health recovery community services is coming to an end and therefore the contract for provision is up for tender, which means that service providers can put in a bid to run these services.

Who currently provides the services?

The services are currently provided by Metropolitan, CPSL Mind, Richmond Fellowship, Lifecraft and Red2Green

What does all this mean?

This means that the commissioners of these services need to ensure that the right service provider is delivering the services that people need. This may remain as the current provider, or it may be a new provider.

How can I be involved and have my say?

Each service that has put in a bid to run the service will have to have answered question posed by the commissioners, carers and service users. The SUN Network consulted with service users and submitted the following questions:
1) How do you intend to apply the SUN Networks service user selected 5 Values to the delivery of your service? (Honesty, Personalisation, Inclusion, Empathy, Working Together)
2) How will you work inclusively with service users, carers and other services including substance misuse/dual diagnosis to ensure a personalised and holistic approach?
The services will submit their answers and we would like 4 or 5 people to evaluate the answers and score the responses given.

When is this happening?

The timescale is as follows:

  • Tender closes around May 1st – all responses from service providers will be submitted
  • week commencing the 7th May – we will need individually review and score the responses of the two questions mentioned above.
  • week commencing 14th May, we will need to meet as a team on the afternoon of Monday 14th of May and agree a score for each provider for each question. There will also be a member of staff from the Cambridgeshire County Council attending this meeting.

How do I express my interest?

Simply email or phone/text me on 07712 358172 or write to me at The SUN Network, The Maple Centre, 6 Oak Drive, PE29 7HN

What’s in it for me?

We will pay you £10 per hour for the time you are evaluating, plus travel expenses. We will also provide lunch on Monday 14th May.
This is also an opportunity to have your say, and boost your confidence and wellbeing through involvement.

We will support you through the process and be working together with you every step of the way.

I look forward to hearing from you. And if you have any questions please do ask.


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