Have your say about how to get back to work after a mental health problem

Wed like to know what would be the best kind of support that can be offered to people who want to get back into work after suffering with their mental health.

Independent Placement Support (IPS) is a method that has been shown to be effective in getting people to work and keeping them in their roles. This is done by supporting and training people whilst they are in their placement rather than training them first and them moving on to their role. This support continues whilst the person is working and for as long as they feel it is needed. The training given helps people to develop the confidence and skills to enjoy their new role.

If you would like to have your say on this idea or give your own for the development of this employment service you can get involved by email or telephone!!

Send your contact details to elise.coote@sunnetwork.org.uk to find out how you can get involved remotely or by attending meetings and focus groups!


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