Social Power and Mental Health conference

Registration now open – Social Power and Mental Health conference

CRASSH, University of Cambridge – 25 & 26 March 2020, 12 noon – 8pm

Keynote speakers: Rachel Waddingham and Imogen Tyler

Programme includes Peter Beresford, Sarah Carr, Alex Leon, Helen Spandler, Rianna Walcott

Do you have experience of mental health challenges and/or mental health services?

Are you conducting research into mental health?

If you answered yes to one – or both – of these questions, then please come and take part in our conference.

Social Power and Mental Health brings together people with lived experience of mental health challenges, and researchers. Our aim is to start conversations between these two groups of experts. We also recognise that many people belong in both groups.

Disempowered social groups face an increased risk of mental health challenges. They are more likely to experience difficult economic, social and environmental conditions. Race, gender, sexuality, disabilities and social class intersect with these. At the same time, mental health challenges are widely stigmatised. And people from disempowered social groups are much more likely to be labelled ‘mentally ill’. How do these inequalities appear, and why? And what steps could be taken to challenge them?

Free places and financial support are available for those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Register here

Social power and mental health poster

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