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About The Workshop

The Peterborough Exemplar Project is one of 12 national NHS-England pilots aiming to improve community mental health provision.

We are all about putting the person at the centre of their care. Historically, we have thought about mental health care from the point of view of different teams supporting service users through their recovery – but it was easy for people to slip between the gaps. So we are turning that on its head and putting people first. We are remodelling the system to think about all the people registered at a group of GP practices and following them throughout the whole of their mental health journey, across whichever teams or support services best meet their needs at any particular time.

It’s a place-based model – we are bringing more mental health specialists into GP surgeries and keeping the care as local as possible. We are reducing the number of assessments service-users experience so that the first meeting with mental health experts in the GP surgery can be used to make decisions, in collaboration with the service-user, about the best plan of action. We are taking away the old thresholds for support – we are aiming for options for everyone, whether their mental health challenges are mild, moderate or severe. And it’s a multi-disciplinary approach; we are bringing in pharmacists to ensure medication is working well for people and social workers to help those needing that type of support. Plus we hope to build a rich website full of local expertise to help support people in Peterborough with their mental wellbeing.

The project is in its early stages and we need your help! We would love your input on how we can make this vision a reality. So if you are able to join us on Wed Feb 26 for discussion, tea and snacks, please come and share your ideas!

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The Workshop Plan:


What is mental health care?

  • Trish, from the Project Team, to share an example from the garage!
  • Workshop to think about what “mental health care” means to you, and collate ideas through a post-it-note activity

Who needs support with their mental health?

  • Workshop to consider who you see as the target audience for the project
  • How do we reach that audience?

When is mental health support most valuable?

  • Workshop to consider key times in a recovery journey that support is most needed
  • Which of those times is support already readily available?
  • Where are the gaps and how can we reach those?

Break for tea and snacks

What local support would you like to see featured in our website?

  • Workshop to share local knowledge of sources of support


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