Vickie’s Week – Celebrating Our Successes!

Hello again! So, it’s my week to give you an update on what’s been happening over here at the SUN Network and what I’ve been up to.

To start, at the beginning of the week we were able to share all of our photos from our ‘Not so blue Monday’ event! You can check them out below:

The event was very well received by everyone and we got some great feedback on the event as a whole. It went so well that we have decided to do another event in the Spring! So if you have any thoughts and ideas on what you would like us to do please send us a message on social media, email us at or you can WhatsApp us on 07712 358 172.

This week I had another visit from my college tutor Chris, and we as an organisation had the lovely surprise of receiving an award from City College Peterborough for supporting apprenticeships! We were awarded a certificate for our support and a very yummy looking box of cupcakes too.

It was a great achievement for the SUN Network, and something all of us at the SUN have decided we want to more of is celebrating and sharing our successes more.

So, going along with our decision to celebrate our successes more, Charlotte and I have completed Dry January! And since we’ve both completed Dry January, we’ve both now decided we want to do Dry 2020!

Dry Janurary Certificates

Did you take part in Dry January? How did it go?

When trying to go dry, there are often events throughout the year where we find ourselves surrounded by alcohol, with lots of people drinking and wanting us to drink with them. So, what tips can help us stay dry?

1 . If you used to drink a lot, cut down gradually. And if you are/were dependant on alcohol then please consult a doctor before going dry to make sure you are cutting down in a healthy safe way.

2 . Find yourself a new alcohol free drink. Maybe you’ll become a mocktail connoisseur?

3 . Remind yourself of all of the benefits that come with not drinking alcohol. Think about it, no more needing a taxi on a night out because you can drive! You’ll save money because non-alcoholic drinks are a lot cheaper! And your liver will thank you!

4 . If someone keeps nagging at you to drink, keep on reminding them that you’re doing Dry 2020, and that not drinking is your choice to make, not theirs.

5 . Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself every now and again for your hard work! Treat yourself to your favourite ice cream, a nice meal, or a new book!

And those are some tips to keep you going for Dry 2020! If you wanted to track your progress you can download the Dry January app and sign up on the Dry January website here.

Good luck with your Dry 2020 if you’re taking part, and remember to celebrate your achievements!

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