We Would Like Your Thoughts And Input For The Carer’s Retender

Are you a carer for someone who faces mental health challenges?
We would like your thoughts and input

Have your say about the future of local carers’ services.

What is happening?
The current contract for carers’ support services for those who care for someone with mental health challenges is coming to an end and is due for renewal. Rather than just rolling the contract over, services are required to reapply, put in a new bid to run the service. This is called a retender. As an independent Community Interest Company the SUN Network has been asked to help organise and facilitate the process by Cambridge County Council, ensuring that carers have an input into the process.

Who currently provides the services?
The service is currently being delivered Making Space.

What does all this mean?
This means that the commissioners (those that pay for the service) need to ensure that the right service provider is delivering a service that people need. This may remain as the current provider, or it may be a new provider.

How can I be involved and have my say?
Each service that puts in a bid will have to answer a question on the retender application form, which has been written by a carer. That is the first step and the first opportunity to be involved in the retender process. We need a question for the tender application from you. What questions would you like to put forward to ask those organisations that are applying to deliver the service? What is important to you as carers and what do you feel an organisation should deliver?

Why be involved?
• You will have an integral part in ensuring potential service providers have carers needs at the forefront of their service.
• An opportunity to make a difference and influence carers services.
• Boost your confidence and wellbeing through involvement.
We will support you through the process and be working together with you every step of the way.

What happens next? Time scale:
• We need all question to be submitted by Monday 8th May
• Only one question can go forward for the application.
• A separate invitation will be sent out in May, asking individuals to participate in reviewing, evaluating and scoring the answers, providers give to the submitted question as well as attending a workshop where all those involved will come together to decide a final score for each provider who has applied. This will be the second and third step in the process.

How do I submit my question?
Simply email anne.wigglesworth@sunnetwork.org.uk or phone/text me on 07921 879318 or write to me at The SUN Network, The Maple Centre, 6 Oak Drive, PE29 7HN
I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me on the details above if you have any questions or queries.

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