Co-Production Training

Co-Production Jigsaw

The SUN Network work with Co-production on a daily basis.

But what is Co-production? What does it mean?

How does it differ from Collaboration or Involvement?

Who are the people involved with Co-production?

How do I prepare for Co-production?

The SUN Network’s Co-production training can help you understand exactly what co-production is, how it differs from collaboration and involvement, how to support people to co-produce and what to expect when co-producing. This training is designed to be a conversation within the room, breaking down barriers and bringing people together to improve and develop services.

At the end of the training you will:
  • Understand the differences between Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration
  • Understand the value of lived experience and the empowerment of working inclusively
  • Understand the benefits and barriers, fears and myths to Co-production
  • Identify where your organisation sits on the ladder of Co-production
  • Learn how to confidently put into practice and utilise Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration