Co-Production Training

Co-Production Jigsaw

The SUN Network work with Co-production on a daily basis.

But what is Co-production? What does it mean?

How does it differ from Collaboration or Involvement?

Who are the people involved with Co-production?

How do I prepare for Co-production?

The SUN Network’s Co-production training can help you understand exactly what co-production is, how it differs from collaboration and involvement, how to support people to co-produce and what to expect when co-producing. This training is designed to be a conversation within the room, breaking down barriers and bringing people together to improve and develop services.

At the end of the training you will:
  • Understand the differences between Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration
  • Understand the value of lived experience and the empowerment of working inclusively
  • Understand the benefits and barriers, fears and myths to Co-production
  • Identify where your organisation sits on the ladder of Co-production
  • Learn how to confidently put into practice and utilise Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration

Co-Production Examples

The Sanctuary is a crisis support services that is run by CPSTea, Toast and SlippersL Mind (Cambridgeshire Peterborough South Lincolnshire Mind) that is accessed through the NHS First Response Service by calling 111 option 2 between 11am and 5pm for telephone support during weekdays and between 6pm and 1am for face-to-face support every day, all year round. This service was co-produced from start to finish, when designing what the Sanctuary should look like those with lived experience said that when they’re in crisis they don’t want to be in a clinical setting, and that they wanted neutral colours and the room to look like a living room, with a comfy sofa and access to things like cups of tea and toast. They also said they didn’t want staff wearing name badges and for staff to treat the Sanctuary like they were at home, so all staff took their shoes off when at work and wore slippers or just their socks.

As a result of this service being co-produced, we have never heard any negative feedback about this service.

Eating Disorder BookletsWe co-produced literature and resources, with individuals and carers that have personal experiences of eating disorders, for people who may be struggling with an eating disorder or caring for someone with an eating disorder, who want information on the local support available. This was part of county wide improvements to the adult community eating disorder services. You can see the resources here.

These resources have been recognised by NHS England as a best practise example of good co-production, which is amazing. Other health authorities have approached us to use and adapt the information to suit the local provision of support for them, which means this work is being used across the country.

The overall improvements to eating disorder support for the county has been nominated and shortlisted for a General Practice Award in the Clinical Improvement for Mental Health category. Meaning that out of hundreds of applications, the one we were part of has been selected as 1 of the 6 finalists. We won’t find out who the winners are until after the December awards evening, but we are honoured to be a part of something that has been nominated for this award.

The group of individuals who were involved in this work said:

“I think the real experience we have all had really shows through in all we have achieved. Roll out of the eating disorder information can’t be soon enough – it needs to be BIG. Charlotte and Vickie were brilliant. Hearing the real lived story, alongside quality materials is changing professionals’ attitudes to co-production. They can see that it works for patients and parent/carers. Thank you again to everyone. This work really does make a difference. I’ve not seen the carers website yet, you had me in tears thinking about how different my life would have been with that resource being available. So many people are going to have easier journeys. A really serious from the bottom of my heart thank you.”

“I have been working with Charlotte and Victoria developing a leaflet and website. I have also taken part in a video. During the time we all worked together, I found both Charlotte and Victoria very professional They were sympathetic to our journeys, and no time did I ever feel judged. I felt they took all of our idea’s on board, and if anything we put forward could be used they used it. Sharing my experience with others was very liberating. If the time we spent developing these projects, helps just one person every moment was worth it. Thank you ladies.”

“Charlotte and Vickie shared some of their own lived experience with us from the start of the project, this felt like it created a special bond within the group made it more comfortable for me to share my own experiences. I had known the importance of peer support before but never experienced it to this degree and had someone lead a project with lived experience.”