Personalised Care and Support Plan

So, you’ve been given this booklet and are probably wondering what it is? This video will guide you through completing it.

A Personalised Care and Support Plan, which may be referred to as a PCSP, is a booklet personalised to you, to support you in managing and tracking your goals to improve your health and wellbeing, which could include helping you to reduce or stop smoking, manage your weight concerns, increase your activity levels and so on. It also helps you reduce the times you retell your story.

You will be the person completing and updating this document, with the help of your health care assistant and other relevant services. This booklet helps you choose what you share with support services and to be responsible for choosing your own goals.

Your booklet can then be used to personalise the care and information you receive to help you to achieve your physical health and wellbeing goals.

During your initial appointment with a Specialist Health Care Assistant, you will be given this booklet to take home and complete as much as you can before bringing it back to your follow up appointment, where the specialist health care assistant will support you to complete this booklet.

There are 4 sections to complete:

  • About me, where you can share your story and important information about you.
  • My wellbeing, where you can share what you like to do and what you do to look after yourself.
  • My goals. Here you can share your goals on what matters to you and how you plan on achieving them with support. Areas like trying to improve your physical wellbeing, such as being more active, drinking less or stopping smoking. You will be supported to help set realistic goals and targets and how you can achieve them; organisations like Healthy You can support you through their free stop smoking service.
  • Lastly, my appointments, where you can track your appointments and keep notes.

If you have any issues completing your booklet, all you need to do is speak to the Specialist Health Care Assistant at your GP surgery who is there to support you.