Recovering from Addiction Training

Tuesday, 5 July 2022 is our next training (in person and online).  You will be sent your own 3 hour CPD (Continued Professional Development) certificate after attending. The training is an informative course drawn on years of experience and hours of recovery work with people from all walks of life and all sorts of trauma and expressions of addiction.

Nothing is better than face to face interaction for communicating.  It gives the richest learning experience and makes it easier for us all to learn from each other.  But with traveling and covid challenges, our courses are offered in both formats: online and in person.

Recovery is possible

The same elements that lead to addiction become the starting place for recovering.  These were learned through real life examples from the author and others met over hours of mentoring and mutual support in recovery of addictions of many types. Our brains lock into habits, especially when childhood foundations are insufficient, and those same processes can rebuild new healthy sober lives.

In this insightful and practical 1/2 day training, we consider real life case studies to learn together how tools taught in this course can be be offered and learned, making these concept and meaningful ideas into useful plans for recovery.

Quotes from attendees of our training

About KC

KC works on his own recovery, mentoring others to recover, drawing on his own experience of recovery after 25 years in active addiction. Plus he learns by researching as well as talking to others in addiction and colleagues who work in the mental health and addiction recovery field. KC enjoys teaching, raising awareness, challenging stigma and giving a voice to others who have experienced these challenges.