Natasha’s Week!

Hello everyone, I hope your all having a lovely week so far and that the newest announcement from the Prime Minister may have lifted your spirits like it has mine. I cannot believe it’s time for another blog, the months...Read More
CHIME and Recovery: KC’s April Blog

CHIME and Recovery: KC’s April Blog

I came across the acronym, "C.H.I.M.E" and I think it makes a lot of sense.  It picks up on principles I've seen in addiction recovery and perspectives relevant to other mental health.  CHIME is: C: Connecting. I find connecting in...Read More

Connecting: 8th Day of Christmas

It can be particularly painful facing loneliness at Christmastime.  Adverts and media show idyllic scenes of family and friends eating and drinking together.  I try to remember these perfect images, whether on social media or television, are there to sell...Read More