Co-Production Training


There are lots of ways that services and those that fund services are involving people with lived experience from designing to reviewing services. All of these ways of involvement are very welcome, however, sometimes, a service or those that fund services think they are co-producing when they are involving people or collaborating. As we would like to see co-production happening as often as possible and ideally be embedded in the culture of services and those that fund services as a way of working, it is helpful for everyone to know the difference.

Join us to participate in engaging group discussions and learn about all the aspects of co-production from those that work with it daily. 

By the end of the training you will:

  • Understand the differences between Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration
  • Understand the value of lived experience and the empowerment of working inclusively
  • Understand the benefits and barriers, fears and myths to Co-production
  • Identify where your organisation sits on the ladder of Co-production
  • Learn how to confidently put into practice and utilise Co-production, Involvement and Collaboration

This course has been co-designed and is co-delivered by The SUN Network and facilitators with lived experience of mental health challenges, and is designed for people with lived experience, service providers and service funders (commissioners).

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About the Co-Production Best Practice Guidance Document

The SUN Network Co-production Best Practice Guidance was co-produced, and as a result, we have a document helping people understand co-production, involvement and engagement, and we also co-deliver training helping people to understand how to co-produce in the true sense of the word. This work has been adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council Adult Social Care forum and also by the NHS Integrated Care System.

Quotes from attendees of our training