Introduction to Addiction & Recovery Training

The training is an informative 3 hours course with examples from many addictions relating to both behaviours and substances. Book your place here for our next (in person) training on 16 June 2022.  You will be sent your own CPD (Continued Professional Development) certificate after attending.


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In this dynamic and interactive course we define addiction while making the physiology, neuro-biology, developmental evolution, and psychology easily to understand.  You will see how all addiction starts with a normal reward and pleasure systems that operate in all of us.  Addiction is how this goes awry due to early (and perhaps surprising) examples of emotional neglect and trauma. Because this training is written and delivered by a professional with individual experience of addiction, attendees will hear descriptions of what it feels like to be trapped in the cycles of shame and obsession, compulsion and loss of control.  Besides medical perspectives, we explain other addiction models like the dislocation theory.

The course is based on the latest understanding of addiction from psychology and biology, backed and complemented by real life practical experiences of addiction and recovery.

Quotes from attendees of our training

About KC

KC works on his own recovery, mentoring others to recover, drawing on his own struggles and progress after 25 years in active addiction. Plus he learns by researching as well as talking to others in addiction and colleagues who work in the mental health and addiction recovery field. KC enjoys teaching, raising awareness, challenging stigma and giving a voice to others who have experienced these challenges.