Addiction Recovery Story: JH on drugs, homelessness & family

JH shared part of her addiction recovery story and she brought so much encouragement and inspiration from many challenges in her life.  Alongside the tough story is so much positivity.

“I never thought I’d get away from the drugs as they’d been a part of my life since I was ten years old.”   She shares why she started using drugs at ten, what it felt like, what it gave her, and why it didn’t solved the problem that she wanted escape from.

JH’s story has heartbreak, abuse and loss, but I think her hope and positivity shines through brighter than all the darkness in the raw story of her life.  She’s put her abuse into perspective and holds her head high, not giving into shame and happy to talk to anyone about her experience, hoping to help others to find the help she’s found.

Even during the covid-19 lockdown, CGL, Change Grow Live, offers harm minimisation to help avoid blood born viruses and stay safe.  Life saving naloxone and clean needles are available around our county, as is expertise and support amongst non-judgemental professionals.  If you live in Cambridgeshire, ring CGL for more information on 0300 555 0101 or email, as listed on their website. In Peterborough ring CGL Aspire 01733 895624.

Our short clips on addiction recovery can be useful as each is only a few minutes long.  Since  time is so precious and so many of us are busy.  On the other hand, the contributors voices are extended here where you can hear more of the honesty, struggle and hope of these amazing stories.

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