Hope for Menopause Event 2023

Last week we hosted a 'Hope for Menopause' event with our friends at CPSL Mind and here is some of the feedback and the different thoughts shared during the day:

A group of people smiling and chatting about menopause
A poster with facts and symptoms of menopause
"The posters were really helpful to aid discussions and having conversations with others was most useful"
"The boards were beautiful and generated much thought and discussion."
"The event facilitation was wonderful."
"It was the discussions from everyone that were the most powerful."
Anne presenting at the front of a group
Two women having a conversation about menopause and writing positit notes to add to a poster
a postcard with the text 'I can help myself, others regarding menopause. I will try...' and has a space for people to write their thoughts
"The boards were beautiful and generated much thought and discussion."
"The resources were brilliant!"
"It was very important to hear a lived experience story and as a woman not yet at that stage of life, important to understand the support that is available, how to spot the signs, and to know it is ok to talk about it."
"The best thing I got from the event is that I'm not alone."
Nora and Joanna having a conversation about menopause resources
By sharing her story, Lisa created a real sense of hope. She said it was a great, engaging event and the conversations were so important and supportive. She appreciated the support and involvement in putting our event together. Lisa shared her story of early onset menopause, with honesty and courage - drawing on many things she learned and bringing inspiration from her determination. Many talked about doing another event again, and how working together we can make it even better.
KC chatting with Lisa about menopause
Rachel adding postit notes to a menopause poster

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