Launching Addiction Recovery Stories

Every one of our lives have been affected in huge ways in the recent months.  Hope might be more important than ever.  So I’m very proud to share with you that our addiction recovery stories are ready and ‘live’.  In about a year doing this job I’ve met so many people with really tough stories, but intermingled with the heartache is so much strength and hope.  These stories have been bravely shared to pass on some of that hope.

Do you struggle with addiction, or wonder if your problems are obsessive, compulsive, out of control?  Listen to Lisa share what it was like for her to be in addiction:

Do you have family members whose substance misuse is a problem for them, their health, and you and others who love them?  Michelle talks about her story and the support that is offered in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough through CGL (Change Grow Live):

Note, there is support for friends and family as well.

Pete tells how he’s personally tackled stigma regarding alcoholism in his own workplace:

What about relapsing?  Addiction is usually very deep and strong.  So, sadly, relapse is often a reality of recovery.  It’s not always the case, but compassion and understanding are important keys to getting out of the cycle of self destruction, including after a relapse.  Darrell explains it well here:

All our short clips can be handy as time is so precious and so many of us are busy.  On the other hand, the contributors voices are extended here where you can hear more of the honesty, struggle and hope of these amazing stories.

If you would like to give your feedback of CGL’s service, share your addiction story (always anonymously), or find out where you can get help (confidentially), please contact

And, a very big thanks so very much to the fantastic contributors who have laid out a vulnerable aspect of their own lives, in order that others can be helped in their addiction recovery stories!

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