Christy’s Addiction Story: Business Owner to Homeless to Recovery

Christy is enthusiastic, energetic, and full of life and hope.  He must have seemed like a different person when he was homeless, had lost his business, and all hope.  But he talks about it here, sharing his happiness and a passion that he found coming out the other side of addiction into recovery.


Christy speaks openly about his experiences of being arrested and his interactions with the police.  His advice for police shows how those with lived experience can be useful for newly trained police when they consider building a rapport and de- escalating possible explosive scenarios with people who are inebriated.  He talks about his own mental health and how it’s progressed over time, helping to remove stigma around mental health–which is great!

Christy talks about when he was near the turning point to start his recovery.  He was fed up with being alone, having pushed everyone away.  He says he had nothing but alcohol as his ‘friend’.  It took a while, but he tested the waters, then one day made the big plunge into recovery.  That was six months ago and he hasn’t looked back since.  He’s now keen to volunteer to help others find recovery, show them that it’s worth taking that first step, and communicate that same acceptance and non judgemental support that made all the difference for him when he thought all hope was lost.

Christy talks about three main places where he’s found help for his addiction recovery: Change Grow Live (CGL) in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, although he is quick to give big thanks to his family for standing by him in a time when he was his worst enemy.  Now he’s glad to have a good relationship with his family, and he’s making new crucial meaningful relationships through recovery.

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