Let’s Talk About Menopause

You are invited to join our free menopause event on 6 October in Huntingdon. Our special guest will share their lived experience and hope. We are partnering with @cpslmind to help learn, share, talk, listen and find help together. Find out all about it and reserve your free place here: www.bit.ly/MenopauseHope.  Everyone is welcome.

Free Media Toolkit

Want to help us challenge stigma and bring hope as we connect with each other?  This Word document has everything needed for posting social media, text, alternate text for artwork and the artwork is compressed into three files, one with PNG image posters, one with clickable links in PDF formatted posters, and lastly one of animated versions of the same posters. Finally, the animated versions are online here as well, in case that’s easier to download or if the animated attachment is too large for email systems. Thanks for helping us spread the word.

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