The SUN Network Strategy 2022 – 2025

We invite you to have a read of our 2022 – 2025 strategy which outlines our goals for the next three years. If you feel these are goals that are dear to you, or that we could collaborate on, please do get in touch.

These include:

  • Enable more people and a more diverse range of people to speak up about their
  • Promote the principles and practice of co-production in everything we do,
    including projects and training
  • Improve the impact of our work e.g. better services, through effective joint working
    with partner agencies
  • Use our position to enable people with lived experience to make a difference in
    other areas of work e.g. training, recruitment, communications, and peer support
  • Take on new areas of work with new groups of people who need to have a voice
    when we are best placed to do so
  • Ensure we are as effective as possible in developing our areas of expertise and
    looking after each other

You can read the full strategy here The SUN Network strategy 2022 2025

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