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Guest Blog: Tom’s Rubbish Road to Recovery

TRIGGER WARNING:  honest talk about suicidal thoughts below may be upsetting The alarm goes off, snooze, 5 more minutes. I close my eyes, my head pounding, a deep feeling of emptiness, hate for the world that I have woken up. Why couldn’t I have gone quietly in my sleep? Another day…… Another drink…… Early years […]

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Hannah Feeling Pain After Cocaine

Hannah’s story sounded familiar insomuch as here was a young person grappling with teenage challenges such as wanting to fit in, figuring out who they are, peer pressure, and struggling with parents–all at the same time. TRIGGER WARNING, HANNAH TALKS ABOUT SUICIDE But Hannah’s way of coping with all these things involved cocaine.  Hear her […]


Karim’s ARS: Withdrawing from Heroin under pressure to complete his degree

In December I was honoured to record part of Karim’s story of how he found himself in addiction, and the amazing story of his recovery. With his permission, we’ve published 11 clips of him talking in his own words, online.  Anyone can share these videos to learn about addiction, break down some of the stigma […]


Addiction Recovery Story: JH on drugs, homelessness & family

JH shared part of her addiction recovery story and she brought so much encouragement and inspiration from many challenges in her life.  Alongside the tough story is so much positivity. “I never thought I’d get away from the drugs as they’d been a part of my life since I was ten years old.”   She shares […]


Scott: Addiction Recovery Story: early days sober

Scott worked in the military and never noticed a problem with his drinking.  Then he changed careers and started a job that was very stressful and where he saw trauma regularly.  This seemed to be linked to him having a drink to unwind after a tough shift, which escalated until he was drinking all night […]


Recovery is a Slippery Fish

Dermot offers his talented, vulnerable, insightful and moving poetic word-picture of addiction and recovery.  Trigger warning: there are themes of deep despair and thoughts of suicide amongst his words of hope for healing: Recovery is a slippery fish I sit here once again thinking about where it went wrong. I have of course relapsed. I […]


Addiction Recovery Story during lockdown 2020

I talked to a lady last month who decided recently that she would wean herself off the one large bottle of gin she needed to drink daily. She couldn’t get into a residential detox during the covid-19 lockdown, so she researched alcohol withdrawal and taught herself what to expect. She had the page up on her […]

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Launching Addiction Recovery Stories

Every one of our lives have been affected in huge ways in the recent months.  Hope might be more important than ever.  So I’m very proud to share with you that our addiction recovery stories are ready and ‘live’.  In about a year doing this job I’ve met so many people with really tough stories, […]

Lisa Addiction & Recovery Story

Addiction & Recovery Stories

When talking to people about addiction, there’s a lot of stigma and misunderstandings.  There are many studies and insights into addiction and recovery, but I think there’s nothing quite like storytelling.  So we are going to profile and make available a number of people’s stories of addiction and recovery. The aim is to bring hope, […]